The Ijaws and Governance in Delta State

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The Ijaws and Governance in Delta State

(Newark, NJ, Friday, October 15, 2021): The members of the Ijaw Diaspora Council believe that when the principles of equity, rather than the frivolous expression of sentiments, strictly guide governance, peace and development is the outcome. It goes without saying that the rights of all ethnic nationalities in Delta State should take precedence over and above the considerations of just one ethnic group, all the time.

The Ijaws, who are the second-largest ethnic group in Delta State, have made considerable sacrifices in contributing to the socio-economic sustenance of Delta State. We have massively supported other ethnic groups over the years to produce Chief Olorogun Felix Ibru and Chief James Onanefe Ibori from the Urhobo ethnic group. We have also endorsed Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan from the Itsekiri ethnic group and currently Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa from the Anioma ethnic nationality as Governors since the creation of the State in 1991 to date.

Indeed, it is on record that the Ijaws have given unprecedented support to other ethnic groups in Delta State to produce the State Governors at various times, as stated above. It is also pertinent to remind the leaders of these ethnic groups that the Ijaw ethnic group does not lack qualified sons and daughters with proven competence to govern and move Delta State forward in socio-economic development without prejudice abounding.

In politics, justice for all is predicated on the fact that whoever contributes to the purse of the commonwealth has an equal right to draw from the coffers. The members of the Ijaw Diaspora Council are deeply concerned that successive governments have had no conscious policy thrust to develop the Ijaw region, except for Chief James Onanefe Ibori, who attempted to open up the region with a bridge at Bomadi. Consequently, the Ijaw people of Bomadi, Burutu, Patani, Warri North, Warri South and Warri Southwest Local Government Areas, that lay the golden eggs, have continued to be massively sidelined and unfairly neglected over the years.

Therefore, the Ijaws who have paid the price and have been very active in the political affairs of building the State, now need the full support of the other ethnic groups to produce the next Governor of Delta State.  The members of the Ijaw Diaspora Council believe that the Ijaws deserve your cooperation because we have been cooperating with you over the years. This request is just and fair β€œTo Produce the Executive Governor of Delta State In 2023.”

The members of the Ijaw Diaspora Council took note of what the former Deputy Governor of the State, Chief Benjamin Elue of Anioma extraction, said, amongst other things, that the “Ijaw Quest to Produce the Governor In 2023 Is Justified.” He is a man of great commonsense, and we urge all people of goodwill to follow his example. We reaffirm our respect for the political stability and unity of Delta State.

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