1. To provide support to the Ijaws in the Diaspora in all walks of life, regardless of location, easy access to administrative, consular services, and diplomatic support where necessary.
  2. To keep the Ijaws in the Diaspora abreast of the Niger Delta states, national policies, and developments, and have a common front in all decisions.
  3. To establish a comprehensive database of the Ijaw Diaspora for inclusive collaboration and initiative.
  4. To analyze the comparative advantages of the private sector, educators, youths, and other stakeholders.
  5. To harness the knowledge, intellect, exposure, and experience of Ijaw people in the Diaspora to develop the Ijaw nation.
  6. To send qualified people with the best global practices – doctors, nurses, teachers, and other viable professionals – from around the world to the Ijaw nation through volunteer programs.
  7. To foster unity, peace, and development among Ijaws in the Diaspora for the common good of all.
  8. To seek opportunities for talented students to achieve academic excellence and personal development, with the intent to nurture future leaders.
  9. To harness the power of art, culture, and sports to unite and sustain our customs and traditions.
  10. To create an Ijaw United Front in the Diaspora, “Think Tank Group,” guided by the vision of a world defined by the virtues enshrined in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.
  11. To encourage the creation of wealth through the private sector by collaborating with foreign-based enterprises.
  12. 12 To harness the abundant natural resources of the Ijaw areas to establish small and medium scale businesses that generate employment.
  13. To pursue entrepreneurship in our schools and encourage youths in the rural areas to form cooperatives for mass production in farming or fishing by providing capital and linking available local, national and international donor agencies that will bring about the culture of self-sufficiency in Ijaw land.